Monday, December 20, 2010

Alabama, Alaska, ARIZONA!

The picture above is a Mohave Green Rattlesnake and Mom and Alex have already had six run-ins with this type of snake, but luckily only one scorpion.

Here we are in the desert. We are visiting (thanks to the contribution of generous contributors, thanks Judy!) my Mom and Alex in Paulden, Arizona. We are here from the
19th to the 29th. Alex left to get the Christmas tree and I have already managed to hit our old dog Cha Cha in the snout with a horseshoe, (It was still in my hand and she is fine, no worries.)We are planning on lots of food and hiking in the desert, should be lots of fun. We hope everyone else has a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Teacher, Leave those Kids Alone!

So we are headed off for our daily game of Racquetball and there's a ring at the phone. Who was calling? The Stafford County Public School system. What did they want? Elizabeth, of course. That's right, my talented, smart and college graduated wife has officially accepted her first assignment as a substitute teacher. She is filling in for a high school math teacher who is unable to attend to his duties for undisclosed reasons.

Was she nervous? Does switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? The short answer is yes. After some pep talking from Andrew(brother),Judy (Mother),and Cody(Me) she is feeling a little bit better. I am driving her to the school tomorrow to send her off in style. So everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she ventures back to those hallowed halls that we all so desperately tried to escape. I know she will be amazing!

Love to all our family and friends,

Cody and Elizabeth

Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Changes

Updating our blog is a habit with Elizabeth and I, we make sure and do it at least once a year;) A lot has happened since we last posted, we have big news... We are now living in Virginia with my dad. I have changed my major to English and am finishing my classes online. Elizabeth has already graduated with her degree in music and now she has 4 voice and piano students from the ward. She also just finished and turned in her application to be a substitute teacher. I am in the midst of making exercise videos and commercials for several of my dad's current radio clients, so I am getting to work with video which I love. As soon as the projects are done I will post links to them on the blog so everyone can ooohhhh and aaahhhh appropriately.

We are looking forward to Adam, Kathryn, and BECK!!!!! coming for Thanksgiving.

Dad, Adam and I are in charge of deep frying a Turkey for the festivities so Elizabeth recently put the fire department on speed dial.(Just Kidding) We will miss all of our family out west during that time but it will be nice to spend a thanksgiving with dad as a family. Well, that is about it for us, look for our next update in Oct. 2011 ;) Love to all our family and friends.

Cody and Elizabeth :>